DIY Crate Coffee Table

This crate coffee table is that winning combination of gorgeous and functional. We love the beautiful wood and ample storage space. Even better is the fact that this baby is on casters for easy maneuvering!


While we sure do love us some pallet coffee tables, perhaps your living room calls for something a bit smaller? This wine crate coffee table is just the thing to sort you out. It even has a groovy space in the middle for floral arrangements. The more functional user can stash TV remotes here instead and marvel at the ease of use.

To make:

  1. Stain your crates and allow them to dry.
  2. Build a frame for the base that you will secure the crates onto. Use two 1x2x6 boards and make a plus sign. Secure with two L shaped brackets as a border around the plus sign.
  3. Arrange your crates on the base with the crate opening facing outwards. Nail the crate to the wooden frame.
  4. Finish the hole in the middle with wood to fit.
  5. Screw the caster wheels onto place on the bottom of your new crate coffee table.
  6. Enjoy with good company.


Some users have expressed confusion at the construction of the base. We’ve now found a simpler alternative courtesy of Handimania.

Use a flat piece of plywood for the base the crates are adhered to. Secure the crates to the top of the plywood and the caster wheels to the bottom.


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Amazing Ribeye Steaks Recipe



  • 4 beef ribeye steaks (1-1/2 inches thick)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 2 teaspoons dried ground thyme
  • 2 teaspoons dried ground oregano
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons pepper
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon lemon-pepper seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes


  1. Brush steaks lightly with oil. In a small bowl, combine all seasonings. Sprinkle seasonings over steaks and press into both sides. Cover and chill for 1 hour.
  2. Grill, covered, over medium heat or broil 4 in. from the heat for 7-8 minutes on each side or until meat reaches desired doneness (for medium-rare, a thermometer should read 145°; medium, 160°; well-done, 170°).
  3. Let stand 5 minutes before slicing. Place on a warm serving platter; cut across the grain into thick slices. Yield: 8 servings.

Which cookware you should you go for

The most essential part of any kitchen is the cookware. Without cookware, none of the activities that take place in a kitchen would come to life. They would all remain to be ideas. Cookware simply makes reference to all the tools and appliances in a kitchen that facilitate the making of any dish or meal. Any kitchen tool that enhances the process of meal preparation is classified under cookware. Cookware includes pots, kettles, saucepans, skillets, and all other metal wares in the kitchen, without the inclusion of crockery.

Traditional cookware was mostly pure metal based, with the majority being made from aluminum and stainless steel. However, there have been several recent advancements in the cookware field that have seen the inclusion of alloys and non-stick surfaces onto conventional steel cookware. Recent studies have however discredited these inclusions and additions, attributing non-stick surfaces to the rise of toxicity levels attributed to cookware. Pots and pans that are made from aluminum have also been proven to be toxic. Stainless steel cookware is the least toxic of all the cookware materials. Ceramic cookware has also been known to be generally nonreactive.

While I would suggest the use of cookware made from nonreactive materials, these also pose some major disadvantages. Heat conduction in nonreactive cookware is generally poorer than that of some reactive materials. Cookware made from stainless steel exhibits poor heat distribution and has distinct hot spots’ that have more heat than the rest of the cooking surface. Cookware manufacturers counter this dividing factor by including a layer of reactive metal at the base of the stainless steel pan. In this setup, the reactive metal (which is mostly copper or aluminum) absorbs more heat faster than the pot and transmits it to the stainless steel. The downside to the combined material cookware is that they come at often exaggerated prices and are not easily accessible.

The joy of baking bread with the best bread machine

gluten free bread

People with the Celiac disease will often feel pain in the abdomen when their small intestines attempt to digest any food rich in gluten. When I was diagnosed with the disease, I thought I would never eat bread again since bread is made of wheat, which is a major source of gluten.

After the doctor’s advice, I learnt that there was still hope in eating gluten-free bread. Unfortunately, buying gluten-free bread from the shops can be quite expensive. Because of their unique nature, most shops sell gluten-free bread at a price higher than that of the normal bread. With this in mind, I knew it was time to start making my own gluten-free bread at home.

While shopping around for the best bread machine for gluten free bread, I came across the Zojirushi bread maker. Ever since I started my kitchen bakery, I’ve learned a lot. With my bread making machine at home, I don’t have to follow the long route of using a separate mixer for my gluten-free ingredients, then transferring the dough into the bread maker for baking.

My machine has two mixing paddles. I can comfortably use one paddle to mix the dough and then let it rise and bake within the same bread maker. Some bread machines only have one paddle for mixing. If you need gluten-free bread, you are forced to use a separate mixer, before transferring the contents to the bread maker.

My bread maker also has a collection of recipes for gluten-free bread. This is very convenient for anybody who has never baked bread before. Imagine getting into the kitchen to bake bread, only to realize that you have no idea of what you need to bake. You may as well have a rough idea, but you don’t know the right quantity to mix your ingredients. With the machine, all I do is follow the well written, ready recipe.

My machine also has two inbuilt cycles. When in need of gluten-free bread, I use the specific cycle for the procedure without worrying. The machine also has other custom settings to enable the preparation of the normal white bread, doughnuts, cakes, and even cookies. With two cycles for products rich in gluten and those not rich in gluten, my freedom inside the kitchen is not limited in any way. When I found it, I knew I had the best bread maker to meet my needs.

My bread making machine also has a timer to custom how long the bread will last inside the oven. I’m able to munch on fresh, hot bread every time I wake up in the morning, at the convenience of my kitchen. Though designed, for both home use and commercial use, the bread maker is less noisy.

Finding the best bread maker for bread that doesn’t have gluten may be quite a difficult task. The convenience of baking at home can be achieved by using a machine that has more than one paddles for dough mixing, customizable cycles for varieties of bread, and of course, the cost of the bread maker.

A fuzzy logic rice cooker

Rice is rice, whether you pressure cook it or cook it directly in a pot. Right? Wrong! The end result differs. You could end up stirring it so many times that some of those grains would be cooked, and others would be overcooked. In the west, few people eat rice regularly, so they cannot really tell the difference. But those who have lived in eastern parts of the world like me know the difference.

I have always used the electric rice cooker, religiously measuring the quantum of rice, and water for cooking it. There was a time when my mother used to cook rice in the pot, but we never really cooked rice like that. I never had any issues with my electrical rice cooker. But my 30 odd year old rice cooker bid me good bye about two years ago, and that is when I had to begin looking for one of the contemporary rice cookers.


I saw many new appliances. The features in them are delightfully impressive to say the least. But the words “fuzzy logic” before rice cooker caught my attention. What is this? I thought. In simple words this appliance has computer chip for manipulating cooking in the rice cooker. You also get a touch button display menu like the one on your washing machine. You get to choose what you want from this menu. Obviously the best fuzzy logic rice cooker 2016 lets you cook more than just rice, and that means different types of rice such as brown rice, and white rice, apart from oats. It can also be used to steam vegetables as I realized.

There are many things for this rice cooker can be used which have not been mentioned in the instruction booklet, such as thawing meat, and making sweets for festival. I have even used my fuzzy logic rice cooker for making noodles, though the experiment was not exactly a complete success. I intend to try it once more. As mentioned in the booklet, I can make stew in it. Effectively, it has become a more comprehensive cooking equipment, which can even be carried for picnics.

More information: What is fuzzy logic?

Japanese kitchen knife would be my next choice

Do you love detail when it comes to your kitchen knives? Well, the Japanese knives will not let you down. Once I bought them, my kitchen has never been the same again. Talk of precise cutting and sharpness, these knives will not let you down. The Japanese makers have made sure that they have made them with precision and efficiency. It’s undeniably amazing that after I bought the first knife I could not hesitate to go back for more. These knives can really cut with accuracy and also make the perfect slices that were favorable. Be it vegetables or meat these knives could do perfect cuts. Do you want to know which knives I got to use? Well, here are Japanese kitchen knives set that you cant afford to miss in your kitchen.


Yoshihiro gyuto knife. This knife is pocket friendly to start with, designed with beautiful layers of hammered VG 10 steel. When I first saw it in the box, I was completely carried away. It was bolstered with a polished mahogany handle and the blade was about 7 inches. This knife does wonders in the kitchen and also it is simple to handle.

Ginsu chikara knife. When it comes to balance and grip this was absolutely the best, it gives you the heft to handle it well. When you are slicing some carrots with it, u will be amazed how it’s able to cut very thin perfect slices. I had to bring the whole set to my kitchen because these knives are simple to maintain and also use. All you have to do is hone and wipe them and they are ready to use again.

Kershaw santoku knife. This knife has a different way of technique when it comes to its cutting edges. I had to learn when buying it. It’s a sharp, light and easy to handle as well. Its 6.5inches making it easy to maneuver around with. Favorable when it comes to veggies. Loved it!

Shun classic chef knife. The amazing sharpness and beauty of this knife is extremely excellent. This was a costly knife but would i rather pay cheap and have a blunt knife. I had to choose the sharpness. It’s made of high carbon steel which makes it a durable knife. Its edge and heft makes it easy for maneuver and drop. I did use it to cut meat, and I can say that even the thick slabs of meat proved no challenge for this knife.

If you love knives like I do, then you should understand that quality and sharpness matters. Don’t just use any knife, use Japanese and see how it turns out for you. The fact remains that you are going to fall in love with them like I did.

An overview of the best juicers on the market


Juicers are widely used by fruit and vegetable lovers in many homes today. They ease the task of squeezing healthy juice from these foods. In the market, there are many best rated juicers available. Each model has different features and qualities. Choosing a juicer heavily depends on your specific needs and budget. Below are hints of the best juicer on the market.

Omega 8005

This is a very effective and reliable masticating juicer brand. By operating at a low speed, it mashes up everything to a pulp before juicing. This ensures that no nutrients are lost. With this heavy duty juice extractor, you are assured of quality results.

Breville juice fountain elite 800JEXL

This Breville juicer has a powerful 1000-watt, 2 speed control motors that works at a high speed saving much time. Cleaning this equipment is also an easy task as it is made of stainless steel. The juicer has a wide mouth where you can insert large chunks of fruits. With it, you don’t have to waste time cutting fruits into smaller pieces.

Breville BJ200XL compact juice fountain

This citrus juicer has great features making it one of the most reliable juicer on the market. It has a 3 inch chute which helps to ease fruit preparation. Its 700 watt motor also helps it to operate incredibly fast. This juicer is easy to operate, clean and assemble. Due to it’s great features, you will get enough juice and vitamins any foods.

Hamilton beach 67608 big mouth juice extractor

This juicer makes your work easier due to its fast operation. It fits whole foods thus cuts down preparation time. It is long lasting and easy to clean due to its stainless steel. This equipment is cheap, comes with a cleaning brush and has a one year warranty.

Before buying any juicer, first note the features you like and the cost. Buying any juicer you find may be disappointing. For the best juicer on the market, go to a reliable online store. Here, you can easily choose juicers which have good reviews and high ratings.

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How I Learned to Make Real Espresso

There is no other beverage I love more than coffee. People who like coffee tend to call themselves experts, baristas, connoisseurs, and I could be all that, but in reality I just need a good cup of espresso every morning to feel good during the rest of the day. That’s why my home has a good super automatic espresso machine, and today I’ll tell you how I learned to make real espresso.

Who knows how many times I’ve made mistakes and I nespresso (3)ever knew that there were so many ways to brew coffee. All these methods are interesting in their own way, but I wanted to know only one thing – how does an original cup of espresso taste? That was my initial goal and I have finally achieved it. It took me about a month to learn the process. I, probably, wasted 3 kilos of beans. But now I have the world’s best coffee at home.

First of all you need an espresso machine, which maintains a constant pressure and water temperature. There’s no getting around it. Espresso is a coffee extract which we obtain by creating pressure. And, this is where the magic begins. You can’t just pick up any sort of coffee beans and make a perfect espresso, or else every coffee shop would have served an excellent coffee. So, here’s an important question – what really affects the taste?

Beans are very important, how and where they’ve been gathered and dried. The slightest mistake during roasting can ruin the taste forever. Espresso is a mixture, so it is very important what kind of mix you buy and how fresh it is. Did you know that coffee begins to unfold its taste only two weeks after the roasting, and stays fresh for one month only? Now you know. Next time you see a pack of coffee, which has a shelf life of one year – don’t buy it. Why? Because we only want the best coffee.

Then we have to grind the beans, and it turned out to be not that simple. Slight errors will damage the taste of the beverage. So, it is important to use the finest coffee grinder you can find. For one portion of espresso you need 9 to 11 grams of evenly ground coffee. A ready cup of espresso should be around 25 ml, plus-minus 3 ml.

Finally, look at the color of the foam. It can be dark brown, chocolate, or golden sand. As a result, we get a great cup of espresso – perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, complex and interesting flavor – I love it!

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